kontaktní informace:
YWCA v ČR, sekretariát

telefon: (+420) 721 883 292
e-mail: kozderova@ywca.cz

YWCA v ČR je podporována MPSV, MHMP a m.č. Praha 10

About us

Y.W.C.A (Young Women’s Christian Association = Křesťanské sdružení mladých žen) is an international organization founded in 1855 in London as a charitable, social and educational organisation for women on the basis of Christianity. Today it unites 25,000,000 of women and girls in 122 countries all over the world.

After the foundation of independent Czechoslovakia there was an endeavour to create YWCA and since 1921 it has been a member of the World YWCA – with the exception of years when its activity was forbidden during the Second world war and by communistregime.

YWCA in the Czech Republic became the member of the world movement again in 1995.

In the beginning, YWCA in the Czech Republic was an organization for young women only, while today it is a civic association for everybody. However, the decisive power remains in the hands of women. YWCA in the Czech Republic belongs to those non-profit organizations where not only members but also the unorganized public can participate.

The activity of  YWCA in the Czech Republic is lead by the National Board and secured by two members of the office. It is based on voluntary and free work of the members. All activities and events are opened to the members as well as the public.

YWCA is located in wider city centre of Prague at the borders of Prague 10 and 2. Our premises, rented from the municipality, provide sufficient space for various courses, operation of kindergarten, gym, playroom and our office. It is located near the large park Grebovka that offers pleasant walks as well as nice playgrounds for children.